Adventures in Crafting

I’ve always been into crafts, always making things and taking classes to learn how to make things.  On a whim, a friend and I decided to rent a booth a local crafts festival.  She is a talented painter and does really great watercolors.  And I do…well I don’t know what I do.  I’ve dabbled in stained glass, glass and tile mosaics, sewing, acrylic painting, jewelry, and whatever else interests me.  But, I’ve never spent enough time in any one area to become really good at it.  So, 12 weeks to figure that out.  I’ve decided to spend six weeks experimenting – making projects that I have been wanting to make and doing a little market research to try to figure out what people would want to buy.  Then, I am hoping I will have some brilliant product ideas that I will be exceptionally talented at making.  Let the adventure begin!