St. Jude + Crafts

Three of my favorite hobbies are crafting, volunteering, and running. So, I am combining all three in conjunction with reaching my fund raising goal for the St. Jude Half Marathon. The race is less than three weeks away, and I have a ways to go to reach my $500 personal fund raising goal!

So, I decided to add an extra benefit to the donations made by my supporters! For every $25 in donations that I receive (and have already received), I will put together a craft kit to donate to St. Jude. Craft kits are individual craft projects that patients and their families can pick up from the Happy Cart. All the supplies and instructions for the craft project are included in a plastic bag and available to those in need of a fun activity or just a distraction from the daily hardships they are facing.

If you would like to donate money (plus contribute to the craft kits donations) to St. Jude, click my fundraising page here.

If you would like to make your own craft kit for a child at St. Jude, click here for more information and craft kit tips.


The Big Day

Cooper Young Festival finally arrived!  On Saturday, I had my very first craft fair experience (as a seller, not a buyer).  This would be my first attempt ever at selling anything I’ve made…I was a little nervous!  Continue reading

Last Minute Hair Happies

Last weekend, I turned the big 3-0!  To repress the sadness of exiting my 20s, I decided that I needed to have a big ole party.  I fell in love with a bright orange 60s style shift dress, and I received some stylin’ earrings as a birthday present.  But, I really wanted an accessory for my hair, and I didn’t have much time!  Continue reading


 In the last few months, I became a little obsessed with craft podcasts especially one called CraftyPod.  They are currently not making new podcasts, so I listened to every single episode from the beginning of the show which was like 2005.  This is actually a great way to pass the time during my 25 minute commute.  Anyway, in one of the episodes, I learned of a website Swap-bot where people from all over the world swap stuff.  Continue reading

Adventures in Crafting

I’ve always been into crafts, always making things and taking classes to learn how to make things.  On a whim, a friend and I decided to rent a booth a local crafts festival.  She is a talented painter and does really great watercolors.  And I do…well I don’t know what I do.  I’ve dabbled in stained glass, glass and tile mosaics, sewing, acrylic painting, jewelry, and whatever else interests me.  But, I’ve never spent enough time in any one area to become really good at it.  So, 12 weeks to figure that out.  I’ve decided to spend six weeks experimenting – making projects that I have been wanting to make and doing a little market research to try to figure out what people would want to buy.  Then, I am hoping I will have some brilliant product ideas that I will be exceptionally talented at making.  Let the adventure begin!