Last Minute Hair Happies

Last weekend, I turned the big 3-0!  To repress the sadness of exiting my 20s, I decided that I needed to have a big ole party.  I fell in love with a bright orange 60s style shift dress, and I received some stylin’ earrings as a birthday present.  But, I really wanted an accessory for my hair, and I didn’t have much time!  With faux flowers, epoxy glue, and bobby pins in hand, these cute hair pins took less than three minutes to put together (it took longer for the glue to dry!).  My birthday outfit was complete!

I forgot to take a picture of the back, but here is the front in one of the party pics.  I had all 6 six pins scattered around my head.

Oh, the possibilities of things you can glue to bobby pins for easy hair accessories…buttons, beads, felt flowers, pendants, feathers, old earrings, anything!  This might become my new crafty addiction.


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