In the last few months, I became a little obsessed with craft podcasts especially one called CraftyPod.  They are currently not making new podcasts, so I listened to every single episode from the beginning of the show which was like 2005.  This is actually a great way to pass the time during my 25 minute commute.  Anyway, in one of the episodes, I learned of a website Swap-bot where people from all over the world swap stuff.  People swap lots of things – postcards, artist trading cards, craft supplies, handmade items.  At first, it sounds kind of nerdy, I know, but it is kind of cool to make these random connections with people you would never normally meet.  So, I wanted to try it out.  The first swap I tried was “Destash My Craft Stash,” which involved filling a 6×9 envelope with craft supplies that people would like (you can’t just send crap), but you just can’t find a use for and are taking up precious space in the craft supply room.  There are actually very strict guidelines for many swaps, and the rating system is pretty intense.  So I was a little nervous about what to send the first time.  The swap coordinator randomly matches everyone up and the swapping begins.

Pretty quickly, I received my package from my swap partner (you send and receive from different partners).  Everything I received was super cute, and I couldn’t wait to start using all the paper supplies in upcoming projects!

And I sent my package to my swapee (that’s probably not a word but I’m going with it) which included scrapbook paper, origami paper, stickers, beads, jewelry findings, iron-on patches, and buttons.  From reading my partner’s profile, I could see some crafts that she was into and try to send things she might like.

I really liked this swapping experiment, and I’m looking for my next swap.  I think this could make for a fun little craft swapping party locally too.  Happy Swapping!


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