Soldered Glass Ornaments and Pendants

This project can be anything you want to press between two pieces of glass and solder together.  I wanted to make a pressed flower ornament, but I am sad to admit that mine was kind of a flop.  It did not turn out quite as well as I expected, and you can see why in the Lessons Learned section below.

Earlier this summer, I saved a blue hydrangea bloom (so glad I haven’t killed that plant yet) and pressed some of the petals in a book with this project in mind.  I used some glass from that old red window pane in the Scrapbook Paper Tree Art project in the Crafty Weekend post (this is why it has paint streaks and other spots on it, but that’s the only clear glass I had handy).

I cut two pieces of glass, placed the flowers in between, wrapped copper foil tape around the edges, and soldered it together.  Interestingly, the heat from the soldering iron turned the outside of the petals purple.

Lessons Learned:

1.  I need more practice with the soldering iron.  I just could not get it to smooth out on this project.  And I kept going over and over it with the heat, which discolored the petals.  I actually kind of like the purple, but on some projects the discoloring would not be cute.

2.  I need either thinner glass or wider copper foil tape.  I had to use overlapping pieces of tape to get it to be as wide as the two pieces of glass.  Also, next time I might add paper as a background.

3.  I need to improve my photography skills.  I just bought a digital SLR camera a few months ago, and I have a lot to learn about the camera and photography in general.   

4.  I need to let myself make mistakes and goof up projects and realize that they are not all going to turn out perfect.

I got this idea from a pendant making class my church offered last year.  We used bits of scrapbook paper to make pendants for necklaces.  Here’s the front and back of the pendant I made.  I guess I was feeling a little pre-teenish that night.



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