Perpetual Calendars

So, more magnet fun!  I saw a super cute perpetual calendar on the Fashionably Late etsy shop, and I decided that I had to make my own!  I used scrapbook paper and 1.5″ inch flattened marble magnets.  I printed out the numbers on the scrapbook paper.

                                                                                                                                             And I decided to put another spin on the calendar theme by making a Triathlon training calendar.  I attempt triathlons occasionally.  I am definitely not the fastest participant, but I do finish and that is my goal!  I love the variety of swimming, biking, and running….then collapsing across the finish line. 

So, I wanted to make a training calendar with the icons for swimming, biking, running, and strength training.  Anyone who has trained for one of these events knows that it is a little difficult to keep track of all the different workouts required throughout the weeks and months.

First, I needed some clip art for the different sports.  But, it turns out that most clip art is pretty expensive.  So, I decided to draw my own icons.  For being a non-drawing person, I seem to have to draw a lot with all these projects.  I drew these with a Sharpie, then scanned them in my scanner/printer.

I shrunk them down and printed lots of these icons on colored paper, then punched them out with a 0.75 inch circle craft punch (in the scrapbooking department at Hobby Lobby or Michael’s).                                                           







                                                                                I used a Sharpie on the calendar lines and days of the week, then a dry erase marker will be used for the month and dates.



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